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The Quilt and Needle specializes in one-of-a-kind quilt patterns and hosting unique online Mystery Quilt Weekends. Have you ever said (or heard) "I love that quilt but I could never do that!"? As quilters, we often shy away from making quilts we love because we fear the process, hesitate to make the time commitment, or doubt our own talent. Our mystery quilts are designed to lead you through the process one simple step at a time, not knowing the end product, not able to keep yourself from trying a fabulous design because of self-doubt. We teach efficient piecing methods, freeing quilters to embrace their own talent without being overwhelmed.

Since day one, charity work has also been a great focus for The Quilt and Needle. Over the years, members of The Quilt and Needle's "Quilters Give Back" initiative have donated hundreds of quilts to various groups or charities including: Harmony Home, a counseling center for abused children; Pine Ridge Native American Reservation, which supports Native Americans in need; and Operation First Response, which supports wounded heroes and their families. In June 2015, our designer, Jessica J.E. Smith, was blessed to travel to Africa with Mustard Seed Faith Community Ministries to teach women how to quilt in order to provide financial support to their families and community. Thanks to the generosity of many quilters, we were able to donate more than 50 quilts and blankets to orphaned babies and school children in need. 

To enhance all of our projects, The Quilt and Needle serves as an online hub to connect quilters from around the world. We offer a complete interactive online quilting community, including a forum area and chat room, for support and camaraderie during all of our projects. 

The Quilt and Needle designer, Jessica J.E. Smith, with her daughter.

jessica j.e. smith, owner and designer

The Quilt and Needle originated in the creativity and energy of designer Jessica J. E. Smith. Inspired by her experiences as a new mother and after leaving a career at a non-profit international agribusiness group, Jess started her home-based business in the summer of 2007. 

Since then, Jess has developed, hosted, and taught more than 30 successful mystery programs that focus on helping quilters overcome self-imposed limitations. Between mystery projects, she works with various fabric designers and manufacturers to design custom projects for new fabric lines. Her digital and paper patterns can be found in our online store and in quilt shops across the globe. 


Melissa Pici, The Quilt and Needle Marketing Director, with her daughter.

melissa m. pici, marketing director  

After ten years of wearing many hats in the non-profit world, Melissa joined The Quilt and Needle. She met Jess while studying at Texas A&M University, and the two forged a strong friendship. As Jess shared the growing needs of The Quilt & Needle, and Melissa shared her desire to change her career in order to have more time to spend with her family, the two agreed that she would serve as Marketing Director for The Quilt and Needle. 

Still new to the quilting world, Melissa is gaining a deeper appreciation for quilting. She attended her first Quilt Market in October 2014, and there will be many more to follow.


Jerilyn Cleere, The Quilt and Needle Webmaster, with her daughter.

jerilyn cleere, webmaster

Having spent ten years caring and nurturing "her babies" (as she lovingly referred to her students), Jeri reluctantly left the public education system to raise a new baby of her own. She enjoys quilting and has classified herself as a "nerdy quilter." Her first project was an original design - a giant replica of the old school arcade Pac-Man layout. Jeri also enjoys various other crafts, such as painting and knitting. Jess and Jeri were friends in college and reunited 5 years ago. Jeri handles the tech side of The Quilt and Needle.


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